Fire and Water Damage – How To Restore Extensive Commercial Damage

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From fire to storms – repairing the damage to your commercial property   

The safety risks posed by fire and water damage can put you and your employees in danger if not restored properly. We pride ourselves on reacting quickly to fire, smoke, soot, and water. Our skilled and professional technicians will assess the damage, carrying out a range of safety tests as soon as the emergency services are finished. We will aid in the cleanup, rebuilding, and restoration as structural damage can be caused by fire damage.

The team also deals with storm damage, as Florida is known to experience a large number of hurricanes and severe weather throughout the year that may impact on the running of your commercial property. Contact us immediately at any time, 24 hours a day for 7 days a week for a quick and high-quality water and fire restoration service.

Disruption To Your Business

Something as unexpected as water and fire damage can cause a great deal of disruption, affecting local businesses and the lives of those they employ. As well as the damage caused and the risks this can pose, repairing this sort of damage can become expensive and time-consuming.


That’s why it is important to speak to an expert commercial damage restoration service that specializes in repairing both the effects of water and fire. Both of these can be extremely destructive and require immediate attention. Water and fire restoration can take anywhere between a few days and a period of weeks, so finding a trustworthy and reliable company to undertake this is vital for your business.


Restoring Commercial Fire Damage

Damage caused by fire will often mean that your business will need to close down in order for the repairs to be carried out safely, and so protect you and your employees. This results in the loss of time, productivity, and profit.


This is why we are dedicated to working fast and efficiently, to allow your team to get back to work as quickly as possible. All of our technicians are fully trained and qualified in dealing with fire damage, to make sure that our restoration of your commercial property meets the highest industry standards. Safety is our top priority as we work to return your business back to the way it was before the damage occurred.


Fire damage often also comes hand in hand with water damage. The methods used by emergency services to put out a fire can cause further water damage, which is why our technicians are experienced in tackling both of these issues to the highest standard.


We will begin the cleanup after any fire damage to your commercial property, which can be extensive and overwhelming. Our technicians are skilled in addressing issues caused by smoke and soot, as well as the fire itself, both structurally and aesthetically. Structural damage caused by fire can make the building unsafe to continue working in. That is why you need a restoration company to carry out an assessment as soon as possible.


Our team can start to evaluate the damage as soon as the fire has been extinguished and the fire Department declared the area safe. We will remove all traces of smoke and soot, covering up any broken windows to prevent further damage during the cleanup process. Tests will be carried out to ensure the safety and integrity of the building. The affected surfaces will be sanitized, and all repairs will be performed to a high standard. This includes both minor and large-scale damages.


It can be difficult to overcome the impacts a fire has, particularly on a commercial property. Our team will help you through the entire process, from inspection to completion, to ensure you business can return to its normal state, with minimal financial and productive disruptions.


Commercial Water Damage Repairs

Water damage from flooding or severe weather conditions can also be destructive to commercial properties. Furnishings, carpets, and other office elements can all be damaged by water, moisture, and mold.


Our team will dry out the area and use the latest in dehumidifying technology before beginning work on the cleanup and restoration process. All moisture will also need to be removed from your commercial property after any fire damage before you can get back to business.


We can clean carpets, restore wooden flooring, and replace any damaged cabinets to a professional standard. Our technicians are also skilled at removing mold to improve the health and safety of your workers before it begins to spread any further.

Wind and Biohazard Repairs

We can also help you to deal with damage caused by wind and biohazards. The state of Florida experiences a large amount of storms every year, which can result in hurricanes and tornadoes.


High winds can be very destructive, inconveniencing your business and possibly posing a safety risk. The damage caused by this can be just as extensive as from fire or water. We offer emergency board up services to prevent further damage and can help clean up and restore the area around your property. This includes whatever structural work is necessary, including broken windows, roof tiling, and rebuilding. Our services encompass restoring your commercial property after a range of disasters, to help you rebuild and recover quickly.


Fact Acting Restoration Services

We know that the longer the restoration process takes, the longer you and your employees will suffer from loss of earnings, impacting on both the future of the business and the family life of workers. That is why one of our top priorities is reacting as quickly as possibly to your call, sending out the nearest technician to begin assessing your emergency commercial restoration needs.


The faster we can act, the more time and money you can save, giving you peace of mind. All of the work we carry out is guaranteed to meet all industry and safety regulations so that you have one less thing to worry about during such a stressful time. Our technicians are on call at all times, 24 hours a day for 7 days a week.


At Emergency Damage Repair Services, every restoration that we undertake is personal, whether it is commercial or residential, caused by water or fire. We understand that this can be a traumatic time and want to help you restore your business to its best.


As a company, we have nearly three decades of experience, becoming the best in cleaning and repairing the damage caused by water and fire, the most common causes for restoration. We provide a high-quality service throughout central Florida and are based in Orlando. If your business or commercial property is located in Bay Hill, Altamonte, Maitland, Hunter’s Creek or the surrounding areas, contact us for a restoration company near me. We can help to restore and reverse the damage caused by fire and water. If you’ve experienced damage from a disaster to your commercial property, do not hesitate to contact us.We service all of Orange,Seminole,Osceola,Volusia,and Brevard Counties.

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